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Feed Formulation (Nutrition)

A feed with complete and balanced nutrients can help to ensure healthy animals.

Animal diets should be formulated according to their lifestyle and body condition. The correct balance of energy, protein and amino acids (AA), minerals and vitamins enable the animal to achieve the optimum growth and performance.

In order to satisfy our client needs and assist in maintaining animal health, the professional nutritionist teams at Weissen Company will provide consultation regarding feed formula and help our client for feed formula improvement to meet the latest nutrient requirement of farm animals.

Why Choose Us?

Animal nutrition expertise

Weissen has high technology equipment and latest methodology in animal nutrition research. In our laboratories and trial farm, our scientists study animal nutrition, metabolism and performance in order to get best feed formulation for different critical condition. Through our understanding of nutrients and research on animal, we can provide critical knowledge to help our customers’ animals thrive and stay healthy.

In addition, our research facilities gives you access to some of the best information available about nutrition and animal performance. Our scientists and technicians focus on nutrients to improve feed formulation based on condition of animal.

Better efficiencies and production

Weak animal are always susceptible to disease, resulting in death. To prevent occurrence of animal disease, balanced and complete diet is the important way for animals to regain strength and boost immune system. Thus, our feed formulation tools are not only proven to help to decrease the mortality, but also increase production efficiencies. Together, we work with manufacturers all over world and create better efficiencies to your business.