Director's Message

Director's Message

Welcome to the website of Weissen Company and thank you for your interest. This site will provide a good insight about our company profile and its capabilities.

We provide a channel for all our customers to access the products of our company. By only a click, customer can get a lot of useful and detailed information of different products and services Weissen provides.

Weissen is aimed to exceed market’s expectations by providing top quality feed additives and premixes, and improving animal health through continuous research and trial while positively contributing to animal production industry. We practice “customers' satisfaction and success are our mission”.

Weissen top management believe the philosophy that employees are the “internal” customers; while the product users are the “external” customers of the company. Only after the “internal” customers being served properly by the top management, the “external” customers will be served properly by these “internal” customers; then the “external” customers will serve back the company properly.

In Weissen, we don’t practice hit and run business. We have enough resources to make sure every our customer will be successful in his or her farming and feed producing. We have the system to confirm the quality of all our premixes and feed additives is good and consistent. Since then, we are now one of the respected company in Malaysia feed-additive industry.

With our active services giving to the industry, we are able to gather different information and come out with solutions and share, by having research and trial in Trial Farm or WS Lab. With this in mind, we cooperate with different international companies from oversea to bring in quality yet helpful products to the industry.

In closing, thank you for spending time in our website and for considering our products and services. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have and value your connection to Weissen. Please let us know how we can be of assistance to you. On behalf of everyone at Weissen, here's encourage you to have good experience with our products.

Managing Director