Career Opportunity

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Weissen employ the optimistic and the qualified people to perform each specific task in different departments. Weissen provides continuous on-the-job training and development in order to shape highly-skilled workforce. Most employees experience high level of stress due to conflict between work and family. However, with the flexible working hours and rest hour in Weissen Company, employee able to enjoy the work-life balance. So that our employees can face the bigger challenge and opportunities of assignment at the greatest efforts.

Weissen people are highly motivated, and carry out every tasks with a determination to succeed. Besides, we always friendly and help each other as a team to succeed the assignment given.

Weissen is an equal opportunity employer. There is no discrimination against employees or applicants for employment based upon religious belief, national origin, race, gender, national, marital status, background, mental or physical disability in Weissen Company. We believe the differences of cultures and experiences of each individual make Weissen uniquely growing and stronger.

At Weissen, we grow talent through training, award, culture and competition. We give you the opportunity to develop your career based on your strengths and potential. If you are seek to success and expect to join an organisation with a vibrant, fast-paced and professional culture, Weissen are always welcome you.

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